About UC-CTE Main Educational Technology 1

This is the official student online portfolio for the Educational Technology 1 class of Mr. Marven Piera, a faculty member of the College of Teacher Education of the University of Cebu Main Campus. It will showcase student outputs relevant with the said subject. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “About UC-CTE Main Educational Technology 1

    • The world is growing . Everyday, more people integrate and productive using a new technology .As an academic discipline, the study of educational technology prepares individuals by helping us to acquire in a deeper understanding of the modern civilization. The focus of educational technology is on effective processes to facilitate learning using technologies and understanding the impacts of technology on learners and organizations.Educational technology includes other systems used in the process of developing human capability.

      As a learner , we can use effectively and implies in instructional behavioral of a learner . Were it helps us , easier and faster in doing making projects and assignment.The T.V is use for better understanding of one topic. And when it use for the source of information of what is happening to the country and to the world. Without technology we are typically uncivilized country. it also bother to us , new forms of entertainment, such as video games and internet access could have possible social effects on areas such as academic performance. Make part of people over concentrate on computer then lost of friendly and face to face communication chance.

      As a future teacher ,we gain and updated on whats happening in the world .After four years from now , there is changes in learning ability of the child , that can affect us as a future teacher . Example, Having a computer in the classroom is an asset to any teacher. With a computer in the classroom, teachers are able to demonstrate a new lesson, present new material, illustrate how to use new programs, and show new website.

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