Prezi Desktop Trial Version Instructions

For some of you, who until now, failed in your attempt in installing and hacking Prezi Desktop Trial Version, I will run you through the whole process. In no time, as long as you follow these steps, you will have your immortal Prezi Desktop Trial Version smoothly running in your system. So jump in.

Step 1

Go to

prezi homepage

Step 2

Scroll down and under the Products heading, click Prezi desktop.

prezi desktop tab

Step 3 When you are in the Prezi Desktop page, click the download button.

prezi desktop download

Step 4

Install Prezi Desktop to your computer. You can use it for 30 days but that won’t be fun, isn’t it? Here comes the hacking part so your trial version will be yours for life. You will need Cracklock Manager in order to do this.

If you were not able to download Cracklock Manager from the link of the Youtube video that I have given you then you can download it through this link.

Cracklock Manager

You may have to download the program Winrar in the Internet in order to open the compressed Cracklock Manager. Extract the files and put it on your hard drive.


Once there, look for the Bin folder pictured above and make a shortcut of the CLMNGR.exe to your desktop.


Step 5

And now to the cracking procedure. When your Cracklock is ready, right-click on the Cracklock icon on your desktop and click Run as Administrator then open the program.

cracklock icon

Step 6


Click Add Program and on your Program Files in your Drive C, click Prezi Desktop 4.

Then put a tick on the boxes so that it may appear like this.

desktop 4

After that, click on the Injection Tab and tick on the boxes so that it may look like this.


Then click ok. The next time you will open your Prezi Desktop, it should look like this.

prezi hack

There you have it, your Prezi Desktop Trial For Life Version is ready for use. Congratulations!

I have included the Youtube video in this post, in case you find it difficult to follow the instructions listed above. Thanks to this great Indian guy.